Monday, April 7, 2008

New Blog Gadgets and coming reviews

Having come off a number of darker movies, the next set of film reviews has a lighter tone. Upcoming posts over the next week or so will include The Wendell Baker Story, No Reservations, and District B-13 (a French action movie). Look for these here soon.

In addition, I have added a new link to "Cinemagogue," the movie blog updated by Pastor James Harleman of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. This is a great resource for movies not reviewed here, such as first release movies -- for example, see his recent Run, Fatboy Run review. (You'll notice most of the movies I see are on DVD.)

I have also discovered "gadgets" and have placed three on my sidebar. The first is a direct IMDB search window. You can now search this great database directly from this blog. Lower down, I have added an "eBible" search window, allowing you to search the NIV by keyword or verse. Finally, there is a gadget showing the new DVD releases by week or via a search. Stay tuned for additional gadgets as they catch my eye.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it is my daughter's 10th birthday today. Happy birthday, Hannah, this blog's for you!

For those of you with your own blog, gadgets are in beta test with blogger right now. To add them to your blog, you go to your dashboard. Then, in the URL address window, simply replace the "www" with "draft". (You should see a blue blogger logo instead of the red logo.) When you refresh your browser you will be in blogger's beta site, and you can add gadgets instead of page elements. They will still show up in regular blogger views, but you have way more choices. Try it, you'll like it!

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