Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Oscar Nominees

OK, so the nominees were announced on Tuesday, but things were too busy on the home-front to get this post out at that time. The Academy has expanded the list of movies up for Best Picture to 10. Here they are:
I have seen five of these already. Four are posted (links above) already, and I will be posting A Serious Man later this week. I am going to try to see and review as many of the other 5 as I can before Oscar Sunday. Here's trying.

If you want to see the entire list of nominees for all the categories, check out the Oscars website. Here is a cool printable ballot of the major categories to share with your friends. (There's a more complete one on the Oscar site.)

Meanwhile, I am curious as to which of these you would vote Best Picture of 2009. I have added a poll at the top of the right side-bar on this blog. Please record your vote in this non-sanctioned ballot.

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