Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Films

No, I don't mean films that are real turkeys. I am referring to the game my family plays every Thanksgiving. We substitute the word "turkey" for a word in a movie title and come up with a turkey film. It always brings a laugh as we get into the spirit of the game and the spirit of the holiday.

Here is my list of top ten "turkey films" in ascending order:

10. Turkey Wars
9. Turkey Driver
8. The Dark Turkey
7. Turkeyblanca
6. The Turkeyfather
5. The Turkeys of March
4. Bottle Turkeys
3. Hannah and her Turkeys
2. The Turkey of Oz
1. Gone with the Turkey (or Turkey with the Wind)

Why not give it a shot. Make a turkey of yourself! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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