Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Party Wrap-Up

Well the Oscars are done, it's all a wrap. Billy Crystal was fabulous in his ninth spell as host. He kept the show moving, and introduced it with a hilarious skit, spoofing all 9 (what an odd number) of Best Picture nominees.

Congratulations to all the winners. The Artist was a wonderful Best Picture, and it was great to hear the thank-you speeches in fantastic French accents. And it was worth it just to hear people say the name, "Jean Dujardin"!

I'm happy to say I called 5 out of the top 6 awards. I didn't think Meryl Streep would win the Best Actress Oscar, but she is a superb actress and deserves another golden trophy. I also picked the two screenwriting awards, but that was about it.

As for our own Oscar party, the honors this year went to Chad DeHart, KGW cameraman and film buff. He picked 18 correctly, one better than movie group co-leader (and last year's winner) Ward Jenkins. Ward had to pass the baton, or the new improved trophy on. Oh, and he got a toblerone bar, too! Coming in very close third was son of movie man, David, with 16 correct.

Consolation prize of another candy bar went to Hannah and Becca for getting the fewest right. Maybe they were going for the candy and not the wooden man. Kudos to Hannah for making the trophy by hand, and all in the space of an hour. It's a far better trophy than last year's one, which was made from juice boxes wrapped in aluminum foil. It just goes to show, a critic is not an artist

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