Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Epic Christmas 2009

This Christmas we experienced two epic marathons: Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.

We planned to watch all six Star Wars films in one setting. The main question was, which order? Should we watch in release chronology (i.e., episodes 4-6 followed by episodes 1-3)? Or should we view in narrative chronology (i.e. episodes 1-6)? With the advice of Jedi Master Zach, a long-time Star Wars fan, we decided on an alternate approach: start with episode 3, then 4-6, and close out with 1-2. The reason was logical: if you are going to be tired and prone to sleep, do so during the worst two movies in the series, episodes 1-2. As it turned out, since we started the marathon at 5pm, we only made it through three films (3-5) in one sitting, and completed the series in two subsequent evenings. But episode 3 provides a terrific segue to episode 4, the original Star Wars.

Having learned from our Star Wars attempt we were more prepared for The Lord of the Rings (extended editions). Starting at 3pm, with Thai take-out for dinner, drinks and snacks a-plenty, we made it through the entire 12+ hours of viewing in one session. EPIC!

I will be posting reviews/responses to all 9 movies in January, but may combine/conflate somewhat due to similarity of themes.

As we approach the new decade, may the Force be with you, my precious!

Copyright ©2009, Martin Baggs

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  1. Wow! sounds like you had a great time, and lots of future blogs!so what marathon will it be for Spring Break??