Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Films Take Two

Back by popular demand (well not actually popular demand, just my desire), this is the second annual Turkey Film Title post. Per last year's blog, this is where we put the word "turkey" in a movie title to come up with a turkey film. Last year's offering is here. This is the 2012 list of Turkey titles.

No, I don't mean films that are real turkeys. I am referring to the game my family plays every Thanksgiving. We substitute the word "turkey" for a word in a movie title and come up with a turkey film. It always brings a laugh as we get into the spirit of the game and the spirit of the holiday. 

Here is my list of top ten "turkey films" in ascending order:

10. Turkey Fishing in the Yemen
9. The Best Exotic Turkey Hotel
8. The Turkey Games
7. The Turkey's Speech
6. The Turkey Network
5. The Hurt Turkey
4. Turkey Grit
3. The Turkey of Monte Cristo
2. X-Turkeys: the last gobble (OK, I broke the rules a little there, but what the heck!)
1. Turkey Todd -- the demon turkey of Fleet Street

What's on your turkey list? ! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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