Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fabulous turn-out and discussion for Mosaic's Spring Screening of Life of Pi

We had a great turnout for the Spring movie group showing of Life of Pi last night, a stunning visual feast. If anything, the beauty of the film distracts just a little from the movie's message, which focuses on faith and story.

A total of fifteen people watched the movie on the temporary big screen. Big thanks to Ward Jenkins for getting the technical details of how to use Scott's equipment and for showing up early to set-up the screen and HD projector. With a Blu-ray disc, this enabled us to enjoy the movie in all its glory. The photo gives an indication of what it was like. It felt as if we were in a private screening at a movie theater, but with free coffee and muffins!

The evening concluded with a short and spontaneous discussion of the film: short, since we started the film at 7pm and the kids present were getting tired by 9:15; and spontaneous because people wanted to immediately discuss the last line of the film and interact with the deep faith metaphors present. I was surprised and intrigued that a teen shared deep insight into the symbolism of sin seen in the floating island. I learned a lot from this discussion, which will feed into my review of the film coming next week.

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