Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New 5-Hearts Rating System

After much discussion and being informed by my family that movie ratings are scored out of five (5 stars, 5 hearts, etc), I have been persuaded. I cannot fight it any longer. The truth is, my kids didn't know if 2 hearts meant the film was good or bad or merely mediocre. So, I have decided to move to a 5-hearts movie rating.

For the record, 5 hearts is the top rating I will give to a movie. The lowest rating is 0-hearts, though I may well not rate such unworthy movies (what am I even doing wasting my time watching such drivel?). To make it easy and for consistency (there is the scientist and anal-retentive in me), I have gone through all my older reviews and re-rated them to this new 5-heart system. Thanks for bearing with me! Enjoy.

Upcoming movie reviews, over the next 10 days, include He was a Quiet Man, Into the Wild, Michael Clayton, and We Own the Night.

Copyright 2008, Martin Baggs

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