Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Links!

I have added some new sidebar links and gadgets. First, I have added a link (Martin's Movie Picks) that takes you to a sorted list of my movie reviews, so you can quickly and easily see which movies I rated 5 hearts and which got only 1.

There is now a link to the Hulu web-site (thanks to neighbor George for pointing this one out to me). This is a site offering free movie and TV show content, viewable on your PC, though not DVD resolution. Full-length movies include The Usual Suspects, Monty Python's Meaning of Life, and Dude, Where's My Car?

And when my wife, said "Dude, where's my blog link?" I knew I had to add her quilt blog, so check out the new "Shameless Quilt Blog Plug" and learn how to stitch in a ditch with your walking foot (at least I think that's what you do).

To make it easier to find the best books on movies, I have taken four from my movie books list and added Amazon gadgets for these. They are excellent books, well worth reading.

Then what is an Englishman without knowledge of weather and geography. I have added a gadget so I can see my local weather, but you can customize it for your location. Finally, I was curious to see where all you reader were located, so I added a "Movie Blog Reader Location" map to the very bottom of this blog. Wow, there are hits from all continents . . . except Antarctica. Is there no one in Antarctica interested in movies? Oh well, enjoy!

Of course, this blog is all about reviews, so here is a teaser of the reviews coming up this week: Juno, King of Masks, and Bee Movie. Keep on reading!

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