Friday, January 13, 2012

Movie Group for Jan: Sat 1/21/12, 5pm; Movie and Theater TBD

With the Christmas season behind us, we thought we'd go a little lower budget for the first movie group of 2012. We are planning to hit up a second-run theater and catch a first-quality film. Since the theater schedules are not finalized until Tuesday of next week, we will have to be a bit flexible.

So, we have selected a couple of options in theater and in film. We will likely either go to the Academy Theater, at 7818 SE Stark Street, or the Laurelhurst Theater,  at 2735 East Burnside Street. It will depend on what movies they offer and at what screen times, but preference is:
  1. Drive (R) starring Ryan Gosling
  2. Midnight in Paris (PG-13) starring Owen Wilson
We are planning to find a screening around 5pm on Saturday 1/21/12 and then stop by a coffee shop close by after the film for some drinks and discussion.

I realize this is pretty loosey-goosey, but I will update this blog the middle of next week. Hopefully, those of you that are interested will pencil in the date and time (1/21/12 at 5pm) and look for the firm blog posting around Wednesday 1/18.

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