Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mud -- awesome screening at Mosaic

We had a wonderful turn-out for last night's screening of Mud at Mosaic. Fifteen or so film-lovers watched Matthew McConaughey look like a hobo (not a bum), complete with grizzled beard and chipped tooth. Despite early technical difficulties, we managed to make the technology work.

Awesome big-screen makes the sanctuary seem like a cineplex not a church. Blu-ray lets us see each whisker on Mud's face. All we need now is 3D and Dolby surround-sound. Then we'd have to charge!

Big shout out to Scott Hicks who loaned the HD projector and screen, and to Jerry and Phil from Mosaic who were there when we needed support. Biggest shout of all goes to Ward and Andrea Jenkins, co-leaders and set-up crew alongside my wonderful wife, Sharon. They put in the long hours and various rides to get the missing cables to connect the equipment. They connected so this connect group could subsequently connect.

Here are some photos of the set-up. Discussion afterwards was a blast. So many insightful comments from the very artistic audience. 

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