Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Films Take Three (or the Oscar version)

Two years ago I shared my thanksgiving tradition of listing turkey films by placing the word "turkey" in the title. Last year I added a second list of top ten turkey films. This year I am taking a different tack and focusing on the Best Picture Turkey Oscars from the last two decades. Eliminating single-word titles, like Argo (2012) or Crash (2005), with a couple of exceptions, or simple, non-turkeyable titles (like The Artist, 2011) as well as movies I have turkeyfied in prior years (like The King's Speech, 2010, or The Hurt Locker, 2009), here is that list:
10 American Turkey (1999)
9 The English Turkey (1996)
8 The Return of the Turkey (2003)
7 A Beautiful Turkey (2001)
6 Million Dollar Turkey (2004)
5 Turkey in Love (1998)
4 Schindler's Turkey (1993)
3 Braveturkey (1995)
2 Slumturkey millionaire (2008)
1 No Country for Old Turkeys (2007)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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