Monday, September 22, 2008

New Side-bar Movie Resources

I have added a few more side-bar links to the "Movie Resources" and "Movie Blogs" sections in recent days which I want to highlight here. First, there is the link to "Film Movement". Recently promoted in Jeffrey Overstreet's "Through a Screen Darkly" column for Christianity Today Movies, this is a distribution company that looks for small, independent movies that got little screen-time in the USA. They scour the world for award-winning movies in a variety of genres. In their own words, from their web-site:
Many small but deserving films get squeezed out of theaters by Hollywood blockbusters and face skyrocketing marketing costs that make it impossible to reach appreciative audiences. We created Film Movement to address this problem. Film Movement’s mission is to put its films in front of the largest possible audience. To meet this challenge Film Movement aggressively pursues all channels of film distribution including theatrical, institutional, television, retail, rental, in flight, on demand, and our first of its kind DVD of the month club subscription service.

Second, I added a link to Rotten Tomatoes, the web-site that lets you know quickly and visually what's hot and what's not, by measuring the numbers of positive and negative critical reviews.

Third, I added a couple more blogs worth reading. For those of you that know Ryan Blue, my co-teacher of the "Film and Faith" class in 2007, he has started a blog focused on elements of story -- "The Life of My Story". Also, Stanley Williams has a blog focused around "The Moral Premise" which is also the title of his book on understanding the underlying moral premise of movies and stories. This book is a helpful resource.

Finally, under the title "Christian's Approach to Hollywood Movies" you can find a 3-page article I wrote. This was published in the September edition of Christian Video magazine, an on-line only publication. Check it out. (Note: shameless self-promotions are accepted on this blog.)

For those of you crazy enough to want to be a "follower" of this blog, a new feature of blogspot, you can now click on the link at the bottom of the right side-bar.

And on a different subject, we kicked off the Fall schedule of movies at Mosaic Church on Saturday September 20th. Bella was our first showing and generated great discussion. If you are in the Portland area and want to join us, check out the schedule on the top of the right side-bar. You are always welcome. Food, film, fun, friends . . . what more can you ask for!

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