Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscar Winners!

For the first time in years, I missed the Oscars. While the awards were being given out, I was sitting in a Tektronix conference room in Shanghai listening to my boss present a Central Engineering China strategy. I couldn't even sneak a peek without appearing rude to my Chinese hosts. So, I had to wait till lunch-time to catch the first set of results. Oh well, that is the price I pay to feed a family (who are sitting watching the Oscars at home, I should add). But I can't complain -- this Shanghai trip is actually pretty fun, even if I have to present for 3 hours tomorrow.

As for the big winners, all we can say are the "Coen brothers". They were three for four: Best Picture (the big one), Best Directors (another big one), and Best Adapted Screenplay; they missed on Best Editing (pseudonymously). But No Country for Old Men also picked up Best Supporting Actor for Javier Bardem.

Looking at my picks, I ended up four out of seven, the same score as Sharon. Wow! Not bad. I don't know how other friends did, but don't tell me you got seven for seven, cause I simply won't believe you. Next year I plan to see all the best picture nominees before the Oscars. This time I had seen only two of them. The other three will have to wait for the DVD versions, which won't be long. I am looking forward to seeing No Country along with the others, and will post reviews after I have seen them.

Look for reviews of Silverado, Away from Her, Dan in Real Life, and Martian Child coming over the next week or so on this blog, as internet in Asia allows.
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  1. Dan in Real Life! When did you watch that?

  2. Sarah,

    I watched two movies on the plane over to China --"Dan in Real Life" and "Martian Child". I also watched "Tombstone" in my hotel room last night. I expect to watch one or two movies on the plane from Tokyo to SF on Friday. So many movies!