Monday, February 18, 2008

Spoilers & Upcoming Reviews -- Seeking your input

I need your input. Some people have said they don't like reading a review if it gives away too much of the plot. But I find I can compose better when I create a complete review, even if sometimes spoilers are included. Is this an issue? If it is, one option is to pull the paragraphs with spoilers out of the main review and post these as a comment to the main post. What are your thoughts on this? Which do you prefer?

This week I will be posting my reviews of the following 2007 movies (one of these is my movie of 2007), along with Ryan's comments on the message of Saving Private Ryan:
  • There Will be Blood
  • Across the Universe
  • Gone Baby Gone
Finally, you've probably noticed my new "hearts" rating system. I decided that, since this is a "film and faith" blog, the heart symbol would be appropriate.

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  1. Hey Dad,
    Just so you know, the hearts show up as Y's on my computer. And I couldn't figure out what they were for the longest time. So maybe the hearts aren't compatible with every PC?

  2. Thanks for the input. I will do something different. I need to play around with a little. Could you check on a friend's PC too, for me please?

  3. Dad,
    I checked on Anthony's computer, and they show up as hearts. He has a Mac. And Anthony sends his best wished.

  4. Sarah,

    OK, well I totally revamped these hearts. David told me that he, also, saw them as "Y's" so I created images instead. Let me know if you can see the "hearts" correctly now.

    And, thanks for pointing this out to me. I had no idea.